ICCF Presidium, Aarhus, Denmark

20 - 28  August 1988





The meetings of the ICC Presidium took place in Aarhus from 20th to 28th August 1988, together with meetings of the committees.


The Meeting was excellently arranged by the Dansk Skak Union 

Participants of the Meeting were offered an daytrip. A reception at the Town Hall of Aarhus, arranged by the Administration of the town, was also part of the programme.

On behalf of the Dansk Skak Union, the participants were heartily welcomed by its President S.J. Mortensen.

The President H. Mostert (NED) took the chair.

In his opening speech the ICCF President announced the sad news that ICCF Honorary President Hans-Werner von Massow had passed away on 14th August 1988. The ICCF President with emotional words commemorated the man who had worked for almost 60 years for ICCF.  He was its President from 1960-1988 and had struggled since 1928 for the recognition of correspondence chess.  When Hans-Werner von Massow retired in 1987 he was able to hand over a worldwide recognized organisation with 63 member federations.  However, Hans-Werner von Massow was happier that friendship in ICCF had achieved even more importance during this period.  He started many time that these friendships had given him great happiness.  The ICCF President emphasized that the friendship shown by Hans-Werner von Massow should set an example for the future work of ICCF.  With a minute of silence, all participants honoured the remembrance of the deceased ICCF Honorary President.

Continuing his opening speech, ICCF President H.J. Mostert thanked Mr. Mortensen for the warm welcome and the excellent preparation for the meetings.  He emphasized that Denmark had always played an important rule in ICCF, despite being a small country.  He commented on the many successes of Danish correspondence chess players, culminating with the World Championship won by J. Sloth.  Denmark had also provided important work at the organisational level.  The ICCF President recalled the work of the deceased A. Henriksen, which had been continued for several years in an excellent manner by J.A. Nielsen.  The ICCF President was sure that the organisational contributions, as well as playing success, would provide an important base for the further development of correspondence chess in Denmark.

In May 1988, Dr. F. Baumbach (DDR) became the XI. ICCF World Champion. The ICCF President was glad that the new World Champion was able to attend the meeting as a member of the Presidium.  He congratulated both Dr. Baumbach and his Federation, which now had achieved its second World Champion.  Finally, the ICCF President said that several persons would act in different jobs at this meeting, and it was possible that perhaps the face of the meeting might be a little different.  However, he was quite sure that this meeting would be carried out in the spirit of the ICCF motto, "Amici Sumus"



 The Report of the General Secretary

The General Secretary was not able to attend due to his sudden illness, but ICCF Vice-President F. Brglez (YU) deputised for him.

The Report of the General Secretary gave an overview about the work of last year linked with the important principle that the work of his predecessor could be continued in mutual respect with federations and with individual, according to the ICCF motto.  He expressed his happiness that the correspondence with FIDE had been continued and particularly that preparations had been made for the organisation of the 3rd Telechess Olympiad.  The Presidium accepted unanimously a proposal from the General Secretary to recommend next year's Congress to accept the Fedrations of Hong Kong and Tunisia as new members of ICCF. Further proposals received by the General Secretary would be handled under the specific agenda items.  The General Secretary expressed both pleasure and thanks that his work could be done in the spirit of warm friendship


The Award of Bertl von Massow Medals

The proposal from General Secretary to award medal in Gold, for more than 15 years meritorious work in ICCF, to F. Brglez (YU) and R. Gillman (GB/E) was unanimously accepted.  Medal in Silver, for more than 10 years of meritorious work in ICCF, to G-M. Tani (I) and H. Otte (DDR).