ICCF Congress, Antalya - Turkey

From 2nd to 8th October 2010


The ICCF Congress 2010, in conjunction with meetings of the Services Committee, Executive Board and Management Committee, took place in the Kemer Limak Limra Hotel

Sixty-four participants from 20 countries participated in the closing dinner with the presence of Ali Nihat Yazici, the President of Turkish Chess Federation. Mr. Yazici expressed his great pleasure to being host for this distinguished organization and presented the memorial plates to the ICCF 16th World Chess Champion, Tunc Hamarat and ICCF President, Eric Ruch.

On Wednesday evening, Turkish Grandmaster Haznedazoglu treated the conference participants to a simultaneous chess exhibition



The Congress was arranged and hosted by the Turkish Chess Federation (TCF) and facilities in the Congress Hotel and the local amenities were very good. 

The Director.s of Organization, Mr.Melih Sagit and Mr.Tunc Haramat attended to all details in an excellent manner and should be commended for their support in making the Congress a success

Participants of the Congress and accompanying persons were offered a most enjoyable excursion to the Tahtali Mountain and to the ancient cities of Olympos and Phaselis



Tunc Hamarat, Congress Organizer and ICCF XVI World Correspondence Chess Champion provided an introductory speech, talking about the 2010 Congress, a history of the area, and an overview of the Turkish correspondence chess accomplishment. 

Mr. Hamarat then provided further details to the Congress attendees concerning the excursion planned for later in the week and the various evening chess events.

Presidents Opening Speech Opening the Congress, the ICCF President Eric Ruch (FRA) warmly welcomed all the participants and expressed appreciation for the Turkish Chess Federation hosting the 2010 congress and all the hard work of the organizers in preparing the accommodations and facilities. Delegates then stood in silence to the memory of all other departed CC friends.

Since last year.s Congress, President Ruch set the theme for the 2010 Congress, The three Pillars of ICCF, (a) Tournaments, (b) Services to Players, and (c) The Webserver. Mr. Ruch also identified the top three priorities for improvement in 2010 and beyond. Lastly, he set the stage for a discussion titled, How to emphasize the wins in modern, computer age, correspondence chess? 

The ICCF President declared the 2010 ICCF Congress in Antalya, Turkey duly opened and asked all to stand while the ICCF Anthem was played.



Tournament Medals and Certificates


At the ICCF Congress 2010, the following tournament medals and certificates were presented:

Olympiad XIII 6 Silver medals Czech Republic,  6 Bronze medals Poland

Olympiad XV 6 Silver Medals Germany,  6 Bronze medals Netherlands


Ladies Olympiad VII 5 Gold Medals Slovenia,  5 Silver Medals Lithuania,  5 Bronze Medals Germany


World Championship XXII Gold Aleksandr Surenovich Dronov RUS,  Silver Jürgen Bücker GER, Bronze Joop J. Van Oosterom NED


Ladies World Championship VIII  Gold Olga Mikhailovna Sukhareva RUS,  Silver Marie Baantov CZE, Bronze Ricarda Flügel GER


European Individual Champions  

 65th Final (EU/FSM/65) Winner (Gold) Christophe Pauwels BEL

 66th Final (EU/FSM/66) Winner (Gold) Carlos Cruzado Dueñas ESP


CADAP Individual Champions

 XVIII (18th) Winner (Gold) Héctor Walsh ARG

 XIX (19th) Winner (Gold) Luis Almiron BRA


Asian Individual Champions

 4th Winner (Gold) Mark F. Noble NZL

 5th Winner (Gold) Mark F. Noble NZL

9th Pan-American Team Championship 4 Gold Medals United States (USA), 

 (Silver and Bronze still undetermined)


Certificates only will be presented to the Members of the winning team (Europe A) of Interzonal 4 (2006-10) 8 Boards, plus Team Captain.


Certificates only will be presented for the Jubilee Postal Open:

1st Yoav Dothan ISR, 2nd Helmut Edelmann GER, 3rd Bernard Campant FRA, 4th Cenek Teichmann CZE, Hilmar Krger GER




ICCF Blitz Tournament

On Tuesday evening, some ICCF players had a traditional Blitz Tournament, in which Per Söderberg, the Swedish delegate and Playing Rules Commissioner trounced the field with a score of 11,5 points. Tansel Turgut (TUR) and Mark Noble (NZL) finished in second and the third place with 10.5 points

Membership matters

The ICCF President referred to the General Secretary.s Report and described the action, which had been taken with the suspension from 01.01.2009 of seven Member Federations that had not paid long outstanding fees, namely Colombia, Ecuador, Indonesia, Kenya, Turkmenistan, Tunisia and Venezuela. Three more Federations were added on 01.01.2010 to this list for non-payment of Membership dues: Singapore, Panama, and Uruguay. It was noted that if any Federation remains on the suspended list for more than 3-years, they will be dropped from the roles of ICCF and should they wish to rejoin, they must apply again as a new Member Federation.

On 01.09.10 (within the allowable submission period), ICCF received an affiliated club application from the Deutscher E-Mail Schach Club (DESC). The application is appended in General Secretary Report. Application was submitted under ICCF Statutes Section 2.9. Voting Results: Yes: 00, No: 44, unanimous Abs: 00,  NV: 00

Further discussion ensured concerning the wording of Section 2.9.1 of the ICCF Statutes covering International Affiliated Club requirements and application procedures. It was agreed the wording lacked clarity and requirements in several places. The proposed new wording was referred back to the EB for work and proposal before the 2011 Congress to provide enhanced guidelines and clarification for application processing. ICCF Honorary President, Alan P. Borwell, kindly offered to assist in the drafting of the proposed revision of the section.  

Mr. Borwell has provided the following working draft as an alternative proposal: 2.9.1 An international correspondence chess club is defined as one having a formal structure, constitution, and collective administration and has:  

(a) An international, not national, name/description

(b) Objectives which are clear about its international, not national orientation

(c) Languages of Federation are international with English, e.g., website, etc.

(d) Office bearers are from several different countries

(e) Not more than XX% of players (Members) belong to one country

(f) Alignment and compliance with Article 1.3 of the ICCF Statutes

Minimum numbers of members could also be specified as a requirement.  


The Award of Bertl von Massow Medals

The ICCF President outlined the background and criteria which applied for Bertl von Massow awards: - "Medals in Gold and Silver were awarded respectively for 15 and 10 years of faithful service to ICCF, as the Delegate of a National organisation, as Member of the Executive Board, Management Committee or Commissions, for Zonal organisations or as a Tournament Director, or as Team Captain of a winning or highly placed team in an Olympiad or Continental (Zonal) Team Tournament".  

The ICCF President then announced the names of officials that the ICCF Executive Board had agreed should receive Bertl von Massow awards in 2010. Each recipient (or their respective delegate) came forward to receive medals and certificates, with the acclamation of Congress. In Gold, for 15 years meritorious work for ICCF to: Guido Bresadola (ITA), Jaromr Canibal (CZE), Thed Klauner (LUX), Dmitry Lybin (BLS).


In Silver, for 10 years meritorious work for ICCF to: Everdinand Knol (RSA), Nikolay Poleshchuk (RUS), 

The ICCF President, on behalf of the Executive Board, proposed that ICCF Honorary Membership be awarded to Dr. Fritz Baumbach (GER ) In recognition of his substantial contribution to ICCF and international correspondence chess for 20 years. The proposal was carried unanimously and with acclamation by Congress. Dr. Baumbach received his award a made a short appreciation speech to all attendees. 


ICCF - Antalya

On Monday evening, some ICCF players hosted a chess match with an Antalya Chess Team, where ICCF correspondence players met with the local players from Antalya in one single team match. The Antalya chess team had excellent results, beating ICCF with a score of 14 - 7




7 - 14


1 Turgut Tansel TUR 0 : 1 Kose Serkan TUR
2 Baumbach Dr Fritz GER 0 : 1 Akdag Murat TUR
3 Noble Mark Frederick NZL 1 : 0 Dikmen Ali TUR
4 Satici Aydin TUR ½ : ½ Kemaloglu Kadri Yavuz TUR
5 Benedik Martin GER 0 : 1 Arat Ufuk Sezen TUR
6 Serban Florin ROM 0 : 1 Yurtseven Melih TUR
7 Boger Raymond NOR 0 : 1 Demir Zeki TUR
8 Lilleoren Morten NOR 0 : 1 Ertekin Ramazan TUR
9 Gaujens Artis LAT 0 : 1 Burcu Cagatay TUR
10 Dearnley Andrew ENG ½ : ½ Sari Yasin TUR
11 Chazalette Jean-Christophe FRA ½ : ½ Unal Onur TUR
12 Binder Gerhard GER 0 : 1 Avci Adem TUR
13 Firnhaber Ingo GER 1 : 0 Tahan Umut Utku TUR
14 Limbert Neil ENG 0 : 1 Unal Abidin TUR
15 Rittner Horst GER 1 : 0 Kulles Gurel TUR
16 Siikaluoma Mirjam FIN 0 : 1 Arayici Ozkal TUR
17 Mrkvicka Josef CZE 1 : 0 Bursali Ismail TUR
18 Heikki Arppi FIN 1 : 0 Isikkent Ibrahim TUR
19 Staroske Uwe GER ½ : ½ Ozdemir Murat TUR
20 Wojnar Mariusz POL 0 : 1 Sahin Mustafa TUR
21 Turgut Aydin TUR 0 : 1 Gulebay Tolga Mert TUR