ICCF Presidium, Bad Blankenburg, D.D.R.

8 -16 September 1990


The 1990 ICCF Presidium meeting in conjunction with meetings of the Commissions took place in the Sportschule in Bad Blankenburg/Thüringen from the 8th to the 16th September 1990


The meeting was excellently arranged by the Deutscher Schach Verband der DDR (DSV)

Participants at the meeting were offered an excursion to Weimar and Erfurt. The members of the Presidium were invited to a reception by the Lord Mayor of Bad Blankenburg..

The President H. Mostert (NED) took the chair.

In his opening speech the ICCF President commemorated all friends of correspondence chess, who passed away during the year.  He especially mentioned the pioneer of Austrian correspondence chess Egon Spitzenberger

The ICCF President had special words of thanks to the organisers of this year's meeting, because the many political changes in the world certainly did not make it easier to have international meetings. He reiterated, that ICCF is a no-political organisation. However, all the political changes in the world make it necessary for ICCF to react accordingly.  Also from this point of view, the modernising of the ICCF Constitution might be considered.  The modernising and development of possibilities to transfer chessmoves with computer and fax also makes it necessary to follow alertly.  It is the opinion of the ICCF President, that for this ICCF needs young and capable cooperators, who are enthusiastic to take over those new tasks in the area of correspondence chess.  Such a rejuvenation is even more urgent, because in the next year two vice-presidents are no longer standing for reelection and the serious possibility of the withdrawal of the ICCF President must also be taken in account.



 The Report of the General Secretary

The General Secretary proposed that the Presidium recommend to the next congress the membership of the Qatar Chess Federation. This proposal was accepted by the Presidium unanimously.  The General Secretary took up contect with the Universal Post Union to investigate again the possibilities to transmit chess moves for a lower tariff. Regrettably it again proved to be impossible for the near future.

Report for the Tournament Director it was reported, that ICCF has its 12th World Champion with G.K. Sanakoev (SU), although the tournament is not yet completely finished. The ICCF President congratulated the new World Champion for his excellent performance and welcomed him as a member of the Presidium.

The central tournament secretary of the 4th Cup Tournament informed the meeting, that the final of this tournament - still played according to the Silli-system with 112 players in the final - has ended.  Dr. Albert Popov (SU) is the winner with 9½ points out of 10.


The Award of Bertl von Massow Medals

The proposal from the General Secretary to award the Silver medal for more 10 years of meritorious service in ICCF to Alvaro Pereira (POR) was unanimously accepted by the Presidium. The ICCF President praised the excellent cooperation and expressedhis thanks for the valuable work performed.