ICCF Congress, Bad Neuenahr, Germany

25th - 31th August 1996


The 1994 Congress, in conjunction with meetings of the Presidium and the Commissions, took place in the Seta Hotel, Bad Neuenahr, from 25th to 31th August 1996.

The Congress was arranged by the Deutscher Fernschachbund (BdF) and started exactly on the day of its 50th Anniversary. For the participants of the Congress and the accompanying ladies, the BdF offered several trips around the venue of Bad Neuenahr, which was very much appreciated. To emphasise the impotance of the ICCF Congress, the Mayor received all participants in the Town Hall of Bad Neuenahr.


The President H.J. Mostert (NLD) took the chair.



In his opening words, the ICCF President commemorated with deep feelings, all those who had passed away since the 1995 Congress. He mentioned especially E. Nielsen (DEN), the Danish delegate.

The ICCF President thanked the BdF for the excellent arrangements for the Congress.  He emphasised that also in correspondence chess we had to look and to take care for the quality of life of those we were meeting in this sport.  He stressed that not the "ego or status" of one person is important, but that we all had to contributeto the ideals of ICCF.  In doing that, he was sure that the future for corrspondence chess and ICCF would be secured.

Before going into the agenda, the ICCF President give the Congress the information that he had decided to retire at 31.12.1996.  Especially during the last year, he could not find the confidence needed to continue his work in the way he considered in should be done.


The Report of the General Secretary

The Report of the General Secretary proposed to Congress hat R. Gillman (ENG) be elected an Honorary Member of ICCF, for his excellent work in several offices during many years.  The Congress confirmed this proposal unanimously.  The President congratulated Mr. Gillman and thanked him for the work done, and Mr. Gillman expressed his surprise and appreciation.

The Award of Bertl von Massow Medals

The Bertl von Massow medal in Gold was awarded to: A.P.Borwell (SCO), H.F.Glaser (SIP), G.W.G.Livie (SCO) and M. Samraoui (ALG) for their meritorius work for ICCF.for more than 15 years.

The Bertl von Massow medals in Silver was awarded to: O.Halme (FIN) for his meritorious work for ICCF for more than 10 years.

The ICCF President took advantage of the presence of Mr. Borwell, Mr. Glaser, Mr. Samraoui and Mr. Halme to thank them personally for the work they had perfomed and handed over the well deserved medals, together with his congratulations.


Election of Tresaurer for the period to 31.12,1999

Due to personal and health circumstances, Mr. F.J. Huybrecht (BEL) had not been able to start as the new ICCF Tresaurer and for his willingness to serve ICCF, the ICCF President thanked him. However, the ICCF President informed the Congress that Mr. C. Flores Gutiérrez (ESP) was a candidate to take over with effect from 1.1.1996.  The Congress expressed its thanks to Mr. Flores Gutiérrez in electing him unanimously as the ICCF Tresaurer until 31.12.1999.  In anticipation of his election, the new Tresaurer had already started his work.