ICCF Presidium, Baden, Switzerland

7 - 14  September 1986





The ICCF Presidium took place in the Hotel Keppelerhof, Baden, Switzerland, from 7th to 14th September 1986, together with meetings of the committees.


The Meeting was excellently arranged the Swiss Correspondence Chess Association.(SFSV)the NBC 

On behalf of the Swiss Correspondence Chess Association, the participants were heartily welcomed by its President Georg Walker

The President Hans-Werner von Massow (BRD) took the chair




The Award of Bertl von Massow Medals

The proposal from General Secretary to award medal in Gold, for more than 15 years meritorious work in ICCF, to C.G. Dieta (ARG)  

Medal in Silver, for more than 10 years of meritorious work in ICCF, to: H. ┼hman (NLD), G. Gorkiewicz (POL), B. Hauffe (DDR), O. Jantunen (FIN)


Harry ┼hman (NLD)

Medal in Silver