ICCF Congress, Buenos Aires, Argentina

6th - 11th September 1997


The 1997 Congress, in conjunction with meetings of the Presidium and the Committees, took place in the Club Argentino de Ajedrez, Buenos Aires from 6th to 11th September 1997

The Congress was arranged by Liga Argentina de Ajedrez por Correspondencia (LADAC)

For the participants of the Congress and accompanying ladies and friends, the hosts from Argentina offered excursions around Buenos Aires, including visits to the Bolsa Comercio de Buenos Aires and to the Theatre Colon (provided by CAPA)

Election of New ICCF President

The ICCF General Secretary advised that nominations for ICCF President had been invited from all member federations, according to Statute and established practice, but that only one had been received.  Nevertheless, it was specified by Statute that elections of persons would be by secret ballot, unless it was otherwise agreed unanimously. It was agreed unanimously to proceed by open voting, and Mr. A.P. Borwell (SCO) was elected as ICCF President unanimously and with acclamation. Mr. Borwell expressed his sincere appreciation of the honour bestowed upon him.  He dedicated himself to continue the best traditions of ICCF and also to provide democratic leadership to take ICCF forward to meet challenges and opportunities into the future


A.P. Borwell (SCO) took the chair, prior to and upon his election as ICCF President



Opening the meeting, the ICCF Acting President expressed very great pleasure that the first Congress to be held in the Southern Hemisphere was taking place in South America and that so many CC friends had come to Argentina for the occasion.  He considered that it heralded a new era for ICCF and was a unique opportunity to promote correspondence chess in all its forms in a very important Zone of ICCF and worldwide. He commented on the extremely important decisions reached at the meeting of CADAP immediately prior to Congress, and on the new co-operation between the two federations in Argentina - LADAC and CAPA.

Sadly during the last year many distinguished CC friends had passed away, and he referred in particular to Ing. Paul Diaconescu (ROM), Dick Smit (NLD), Sture Nyman (SVE), B.A. Rosinov (RUS), I. Eglitis (LAT), C.G. Pappier (ARG), Liisa Vayrynen (FIN) and also the world-famous chess personality, Miguel Najdorf, who had lived in Argentina for much of his life.  The Congress paid its respects to the memories of all departed friends by observing a minute’s silence.

The Acting President then welcomed many old and new friends attending the 1997 Congress, including the ladies and friends accompanying delegates and officials.  He expressed the hope that the traditions established by Herr H-W von Massow of encouraging families and friends to come to ICCF Congresses would be regenerated in the years ahead.  He also invited Congress to send its best wishes to those “absent friends” who were not able to attend, and in particular Mr. H.J. Mostert, ICCF Honorary President, who was still recovering in hospital, and his partner Janny Tibboel, who had undergone a recent operation, expressing the hope that they would both be able to attend future Congresses. A message with greetings had been received from Mr Mostert and this was read to the Congress. According to ICCF tradition, the Acting President selected as his main theme the opportunities available to ICCF through the Internet to extend its range of tournaments, to shorten the duration of its title events and to take advantage of the enormous potential of communicating much more effectively and speedily with chess players in all parts of the world.  He expressed confidence that by working together according to ICCF’s fine traditions and friendships ICCF could become an even more vibrant, successful and enlightened organisation into the next Millennium.


The President then reported that a comprehensive agreement had been reached between the two federations in Argentina, LADAC and CAPA, and the documents of agreement were signed by the respective Presidents Mr. C.J. Gonçalves and Mr. J.S. Morgado and witnessed by the ICCF President and the Zonal Director for Zone 2. The President wished to place on record the contribution made by Mr. A.R. Ramirez (ARG), as special ICCF Commissioner, in helping to achieve the agreement and he expressed a sincere hope that ‘Amici Sumus’ would prevail in the future between the two ICCF member federations in Argentina

The ICCF President reported that Mr. C.A. Rinaldi (ARG) had tendered his resignation as Zonal Director earlier in 1997 due to health and personal reasons.  The President, on behalf of ICCF, thanked Mr. Rinaldi for his work and expressed best wishes to him for the future. Confirmation had been received from the CADAP meeting held on 5/9/97 that Mr. J. Dorner (GUA) had been elected to become the new Zonal Director for Zone 2 and Congress unanimously confirmed his election.  The ICCF President expressed a warm welcome to Mr. Dorner as a new member of the ICCF Presidium. The ICCF President then proposed, after prior consultation within the Presidium, that Zone 2 should be more accurately defined as “Latin America” and this was agreed unanimously.  The change to Schedule A of the ICCF Statutes would be confirmed under agenda item 12, “Matters pertaining to ICCF Statutes.”  

The Report of the General Secretary

The report of the General secretary contained a proposal to accept an application for membership from the Federation of Kazakhstan (KAZ) and this was agreed unanimously by Congress. Kazakhstan would be included in Zone 4 (Africa/Asia). Following a recommendation from the ICCF Treasurer, it was also agreed that Colombia (COL) and Panama (PAN) would be reinstated as full members, having now paid outstanding fees to 31/12/96.  Two other countries, Andorra and Monaco had not paid their fees and had become totally inactive in ICCF tournaments, and it was agreed by Congress that Andorra and Monaco should be transferred to the suspended list. The ICCF President reported that the Presidium would initiate an urgent review of the membership criteria and fees, particularly for small countries with few active players and no CC organisation or ones which were relatively inactive. The General Secretary referred to the decreasing numbers in traditional ICCF tournaments, limited interest in Fax events but a rapid increase for Email competitions.  The www had also given ICCF the opportunity to publicise its activities more effectively and he commented on the excellent work of the ICCF Webmaster, Eckhard Lüers, and the World Email Tournament Office managed by Argentina (CAPA).   The new ICCF Cup tournament had attracted over 1000 entries for postal, email and fax play.


The Award of Bertl von Massow Medals

The Bertl von Massow medal in Gold was awarded to: Mr. G. Perpirakis (GRC) and Mr. Ubirajara de Oliveira Barroso (BRS). These well deserved medals were handed over to Mr. Mastrojeni (ITA) representing Greece and Mr. Costa Neto (BRS) to forward to the recipients with the thanks and congratulations of the ICCF Congress.