ICCF Congress, Daytona Beach, USA

17th to 22nd September 2000





The ICCF Millennium Year Congress, in conjunction with meetings of the Presidium, took place in the Hilton Daytona Beach Oceanfront Resort Hotel, Daytona Beach, Florida, U.S.A. from 17th to 22nd September 2000

The Congress was arranged by ICCF-US


The participants of the Congress, and accompanying families and friends, were offered a programme of events including a full-day excursion to the Kennedy Space Center. There was also the traditional ICCF Blitz Tournament, and a chess match between the host federation and the rest of ICCF.

The President Alan P. Borwell (SCO) took the chair.


Opening the Congress, the ICCF President expressed his pleasure that Congress had crossed the Atlantic to the United States of America, a country rich in chess tradition through such as Emanuel Lasker, Paul Morphy, Reuben Fine and Bobby Fischer.  He especially referred to the successes of the two World Correspondence Chess Champions from USA, Hans Berliner and Victor Palciauskas, and was delighted that they were both attending the Congress.  He referred to the many outstanding American CC organisers, some of whom have been involved in international and zonal activities, and he gave a warm welcome to all USA representatives.

The President paid tribute to the late Walter Muir, the "Dean of American CC" and ICCF Honorary Member, who had died just before the dawn of the new Millennium, and to other notable CC players and officials who had died since the last meeting.  Congress then stood in silence, to the memory of all departed CC friends.

The President acknowledged the contribution of USA delegate Prof. Max Zavanelli for establishing an effective "umbrella" organisation for international purposes, and expressed the hope that, from this excellent base, the various US CC bodies would work more closely together in the future to achieve an even greater unification.  He greeted new delegates, with a special welcome to Japan's first ever delegate to Congress, new attendees and all old friends who had attended previous Congresses.  He then reflected briefly on the Presidential themes of recent Congresses, before introducing the theme for this Congress.  He spoke of the major focus of Congress being to renew  ICCF's Playing Rules.  In his opinion, ICCF required rules which enabled flexibility for all forms of correspondence chess and which would encourage more chess players to participate in ICCF tournaments, whatever the means of transmission.  He emphasised the need to provide a rules framework which would ensure player enjoyment and interest, while minimising stress, and suggested three key goals namely :-  CLARITY;  SIMPLICITY and  FLEXIBILITY.


Membership matters

The General Secretary had reported that negotiations with two prospective member federations were at an advanced stage. Sadly, in both cases the initial membership fee had not been paid and therefore neither federation could be proposed for immediate membership.  Congress then unanimously agreed that delegated authority should be given to the General Secretary, in consultation with the relevant Zonal Director and the President, to allow provisional membership of ICCF to any applicant national CC organisation body which satisfied ICCF Statutes and the normal criteria for admission. Any such provisional membership would require confirmation by the next Congress. Any federation admitted to provisional membership would have all membership rights immediately, with the exception of voting rights.  In his report, the Treasurer had proposed the suspension of the Ukrainian CC Federation, which had failed to fulfil its financial responsibilities for several years or to respond positively to the ultimatum given by the 1999 Congress. This suspension was agreed without opposition, to take immediate effect. The General Secretary informed Congress that active membership therefore stood at 62 federations.


Honorary Member of ICCF

The President, on behalf of the Presidium, proposed that ICCF Honorary Membership should be awarded to : Roald Berthelsen (NOR), Carlos Germán Dieta (ARG) in recognition of their substantial contributions to ICCF and international correspondence chess over periods of more than 20 years. This proposal was carried unanimously and with acclamation by Congress.

The 1999 Congress had instituted a 'Friend of ICCF' award for those websites that are substantial supporters and promoters of ICCF and which collaborate with ICCF in the publication of ICCF news and information. On behalf of the Presidium, the General Secretary proposed one award, which was approved unanimously: to the website of the Brazilian federation CXEB www.cxeb.org.br


The Award of Bertl von Massow Medals

The General Secretary announced the names of those who would receive awards, and each recipient (or their respective delegate or proxy) came forward to receive their medal and certificate, with the acclamation of Congress

The Bertl von Massow medal in Gold was awarded to: Abraham Raul Ramirez (ARG) 

The Bertl von Massow medal in Silver was awarded to: Dr. Fritz Baumbach (GER), Joseph Deidun sr. (CAN), Ernst Kotzem (GER), Ralph P. Marconi (CAN) and George Walker (SWZ)






by Maurizio Sampieri