ICCF Congress, Gdansk, Poland

4. September  to 12. September 1993


The 1993 Congress, in conjunction with meetings of the Presidium, took place in Hotel Marina, Gdansk (Poland),  from 4th to 12th July 1993.


The Congress was arranged by the

  Polish Postal Correspondence Chess Federation 

Participants of the Congress were offered a full day trip to Westerplatte and sightseeing in the Old Centre of Gdansk.


The President H. Mostert (NED) took the chair.

Opening the meeting, the ICCF President asked for a moment of silence to commemorate all those who had passed away since the ICCF Congress 1992. He mentioned particularly Harry Ahman (Sweden), Per Erik Ekblom (Finland), Nathan Jungrelss (Israel) and Leonid Tschepurnoj (Ukraine).  

Although changes in the World had not made things easler, the ICCF President praised the Polish Chess Federation for keeping their word to arrange this year's meeting.  He commended the excellent organisation especially by Mr.Bielecki and Mr.Gorecki and called for cooperation and understanding from all participants. A special word of welcome was dedicated to the ladies accompanying their husbands, which enabled them to do the work for international undersanding.

In the opinion of the ICCF President, there would be special attention for chess in all media covering the matches Timman vs Karpov and Kasparov vs Short.  This attention could be a suitable opportunity to show the World that correspondence chess was also a fully fledged kind of chess and sport. To use those   opportunities could help to further correspondence chess all over the World. He hoped all delegates would find access to all media in order to promote the ICCF goals of good chess in friendship.

Before beginning with the announced agenda, the ICCF President gave an explanation about the paticipation of Bulgaria in the recently started Olympiad preliminaries.  He apologized for not being able to consult the Congress after its decision last year to suspend Bulgaria for not fulfilling its financial duties. His request to agree with Bulgaria's participation retrospectively and lift the suspension of Bulgaria were accepted unanimously by the Congress.



The report of the General Secretary 

The report of the General Secretary again showed that he had good cooperation with the members of the Presidium, the affiliated federations and private persons. Applications for ICCF-membership were received from the federations of Czechia and Slovakia and as a consequence the membership of the former Czecho-Slovakian Federation was cancelled. The proposal to accept both new federations as members of ICCF was accepted by the Congress unanimously. The ICCF President welcomed the new members and wished them fruitful work for both the national and the international movement of correspondence chess.  ICCF now had 76 member federations. The General Secretary reported about a large amount of correspondence with those federations, which were members in FIDE but not in ICCF, in order to encourage them to offer the possibilities of correspondence chess to their members.  Although no positive results could yet be mentioned, it may be supposed that this correspondence had contributed to more knowledge about correspondence chess in those federations. The General Secretary intended to continue those efforts and also to extend them to less active members in ICCF.

The Genaral Secretary reported about a trip which the ICCF President had made to Indonesia. Regretably, due to personal circumstances of the officials in Djakarta, an intended meeting could not take place. However his visit to Argentine could be considered more successful as it was the firm impression of the ICCF President convinced himself that Buenos Aires could be a good venue for an ICCF meeting in the future!


The Award of Bertl von Massow Medals

Medal in Gold, for 15 years meritorius work for ICCF to: R. Berthelsen (NOR), B. Haufe (GER), O. Jantunen (FIN), S.C. von Perle (NLD), A.A. van't Riet (NLD), H. Brusila (FIN), V. Houdek (CZE), H. Otte (GER), H. Prokopp (GER), G. Weinitschke (GER),

Medal in Silver for more 10 years of merito rious work for ICCF to H. Prokopp (GER), S. Nordal (NOR)