ICCF Congress, Gjøvik, Norway

2  to 9 September 1995


The 2004 Congress, in conjunction with meetings of the Presidium and the Commissions, took place in the Rica Hotel, Gjøvik, from 2nd to 9th September 1995

The Congress was arranged by the Norwegian Postal Chess Federation (NPSF) in the year of its '50th anniversary.


For the participants of the Congress the NPSF offered a trip around all Olympic venues in Lillehammer, which was very much appreciated. An interesting programme for the accompanying ladies was also arranged. To emphasise the importance of the ICCF Congress, the mayor received all participants in the unique Olympic Mountain Hall in Gjøvik

  The President H.J.Mostert (NLD) took the chair.


In this opening words, the ICCF President commemorated, with deep feelings, all those who had passed away since the 1994 Congress, he mentioned especially Ms.O.Rubtsova (RUS) the first Ladies World Champion, Prof. Dr. V.P.Zagorovsky (RUS), the fourth ICCF World Champion and record participant in World Championship Finals and ICCF Vice President, W.J.Bishop (WLS) and J.F.Cleeve (CAN), ICCF Vice President 

The ICCF President thanked the Norwegian Correspondence Chess Federation (NPSF) for arranging the Congress. He emphasised that, contrary to some published articles, ICCF was fully alive and on its way to a promising future in using its experiences of the past and the opportunities of the future. He drew attention to the fact that, in order to secure that future, the cooperation of all member federations was essential.

The Report of the General Secretary

The Report of the General Secretary began with a proposal to accept the application from the Federation of Belarussia (BLR), which was unanimously agreed by the Congress. An application for the Yugoslav Federation of Correspondence Chess Players (FRY) was also accepted by the Congress, with one abstension. Confirmation of these new members would be sent by the General Secretary, expressing the hope for a fruitful cooperation.  The General Secretary reported that he had the usual good cooperation with all members of the Presidium and member federations.  During the year he had tried to contact FIDE members which were not members in ICCF but these efforts had not yet led to positive responses.  

He gave a short report on the prizegiving of the X CC Olympiad, which had taken place in March 1995 in Magdeburg in Germany. This event attracted widespride publicity for correspondence chess and was nicely arranged by the Deutscher Fernschach Bund (BdF).  This was the last time that two of the three medal winners had played under their earlier national names, these were Soviet Union, England and German Democratic Republic.  According to his duties, the General Secretary had organised  the elections of Zonal Directors and controlled the outcome.

The Award of Bertl von Massow Medals

The Bertl von Massow medal in Silver was awarded to: A.R. Ramirez (ARG) for this meritorious work in the organisation of CADAP for more than 10 years. The ICCF President took advantage of the presence of Mr.Ramirez to thank him for the work he had performed and handed him his well-deserved medal.

Medals for the team captains of the prizewinning teams in the X Correspondence Chess Olympiad Final had already been presented in Magdeburg.