ICCF Congress, Järvenpää, Finland


20th to 28th July 1991



The 1991 Congress, in conjunction with meetings of the Presidium, took place in the Rivoli Hotel in Järvenpää,  from 20th to 28th July 1991


The Congress was arranged by the Finnish Correspondence Chess Federation (FCCF)

Participants of the Congress were offered an excursion to Turku and Surroundings of Tuusula Lake. The participants were also invited to a reception at the City Hall.

The President H. Mostert (NED) took the chair.

In his opening speech the President warmly thanked the host Federation, Finland, and especially the organisational committee on the Finnish Correspondence Chess Federation.  He mentioned that for various reasons several officials would not be continuing in their functions, namely Vice-President C.G. Dieta (ARG), E. Larsson (SVE), H. Rittner (GER) and Dr. J. Vándorffy (HUN) and the President thanked them all for their meritorious work in ICCF.  However, he was capable younger people were willing to take over these jobs.  He informed Congress that Vice-President F. Brglez (YUG) had suffered a stroke and added that had sent a telegramme to him with best wishes on the name of all participants. Finally, the President stated that contrary to what had appeared in the notes to the agenda, he was willing to stand for re-election.



 The Report of the General Secretary

In the Report of the General Secretary, he expressed his pleasure that he was able to carry out his work with the federations and individuals as well as members of the Praesidium in the spirit of the ICCF motto AMICI SUMUS.

A proposal from the General Secretary to award R. Lindroos (SF) and Dr. J. Vandorffy (H) with honorary membership of ICCF was adopted with acclamation. The ICCF President thanked them both for their valuable work and congratulated them on this distinction.  

The Qatar Chess Association was unanimously confirmed by the Congress as a member in ICCF.  The recommendation of the Praesidium to take up CAPA as a member of ICCF without voting and nomination rights was brought forward by the General Secretary and approved unanimously by Congress.


The Award of Bertl von Massow Medals

Medal in Gold, for 15 years meritorius work for ICCF to: J.A. Nielsen (DEN) 

Silver medals for more 10 years of merito rious work for ICCF to A.P. Borwell (SCO), H.F. Glaser (SIP), L. Lahdenmäki (FIN), G.W.G. Livie (SCO), M. Samraoui (ALG), S. Sergiev (BUL)