I.C.C.F. Congress

Leeds, England 

13 - 19 September 2009





 Maigonis Avotins (LAT) as delegation member
 Fritz Baumbach (GER) as delegate and with proxy for Hungary and as World CC Champion XI
 Ulrich Baumgartner (SUI) as delegation member
 Guy JosÚ Benda˝a Guerrero (NCA) as delegate
 Gerhard Binder (GER) as delegation member and Ratings Commissioner
 Raymond Boger ((NOR) as delegation member and Services Director
 Alan P. Borwell (SCO) Honorary President, Honorary Member, as delegation member and with proxy for Australia and India
 Guido Bresadola (ITA) as delegate
 Petr Buchniček (CZE) as delegate and with proxy for Croatia and Slovakia
 Marco Caressa (ITA) as delegation member and Title Tournaments Commissioner
 Duncan Chambers (ENG) as delegation member
 Andrew Dearnley (ENG) as delegate
 Carlos Flores GutiÚrrez  (ESP) as delegate 
 Maria Angela Fonio  (ITA) as delegation member 
 Artis Gaujens  (LAT) as delegate 
 Peter Gibbs  (ENG) as delegation member 
 Guntis Grodzensky (RUS) as delegate 
 Richard Hall (ENG) as delegation member
 Tunc Hamarat (AUT) as delegate and as World CC Champion XVI
 Tim Harding (IRL) as delegate
 Ole Jacobsen (GHA) as Zonal Director (Africa-Asia)
 David Jarrett (ENG) as FIDE Executive Director
 Kim Jensen (DEN) as delegation member 
 Colin Kidd (ENG) as delegation Member 
 Everdinand Knol (RSA) as delegate 
 Alfonsas Kupsys (LTU) as delegation member
 Ron Langeveld (NED) as delegation Member and Qualifications Commissioner
 Ervin Liebert (EST) as delegate
 Neil Limbert (ENG) as delegation member
 Morten Lelle°ren (NOR) as delegate
 Austin Lockwood  (ENG) as delegation member
 Iain Mackintosh (SCO) as delegation member
 Michael Millstone  (USA) as delegation member and Direct Entry Administrator
 Josef Mrkvicka  (CZE) as delegation member
 Michael Nicholson  (ENG) as delegation member 
 Esko Nuutilainen  (FIN) as delegate
 S°ren Olsen  (DEN) as delegattion member
 Kevin Paine (SCO) as delegation member
 S°ren Peschardt (DEN) as delegate
 Ian Pheby (ENG) as delegation member
 George D. Pyrich (SCO) as delegate and Finance Director 
 Alan J.C. Rawlings (ENG) as delegation member 
 Olavi Riikonen (FIN) as delegation member 
 Nol van 't Riet (NED) as Honorary Member and delegate  
 Marijonas Rocius (LTU) as delegate 
 Merike Rotova (EST) as delegation member 
 ╔ric Ruch (FRA) as ICCF President and delegate with proxy for Romania and Ukraine 
 Kuvay Sanli (TUR) as delegate
 Corky Schakel (USA) as delegate and as Zonal Director (North America/Pacific) and with proxy for Canada
 Marjan Semrl (SLO) as delegate 
 Auno Siikkaluoma (FIN) as delegation member
 Per S÷derberg (SWE) as delegate and with proxy for Iceland and Israel and as Rules Commissioner
 Uwe Staroske (GER) as delegation member
 Gian-Maria Tani (ITA) as delegation member with proxy for Algeria and Luxembourg, Honorary Member, Zonal Director (Europe)
 Luz Marina Tinjaca' (ITA) as delegation member 
 Georg Walker (SUI) as delegation member
 Jo Wharrier (ENG) as delegation member


Leeds  Congress