ICCF Congress


Here are some quick notes from the Congress. It was a day full of meetings.

First I apologise because the reports will be irregular, and they won't be of the same level of last years. Meanwhile the time is limited and we have to perform many jobs. Above all, the instinct of the journalist cannot be invented, and unfortunately Maurizio Sampieri and Donato Guerrini are not here.

I want to underline the theme that will characterize this Congress: the beginning of the age of Webserver games.

The Congress begins, for me, with a slap to the so-called European efficiency. I arrived at the Mumbai airport late in the night between Saturday and Sunday, my baggage was delivered in just one minute (60 second, unbelievable!) - in the super-technological airport of Rome almost an hour is needed.

However, the baggage of Gian-Maria Tani arrived over 30 hours late, because it was stopped in a previous airport.

We were in bed at 4 o'clock in the night and wake up at 8 o'clock because Congress began on Sunday at 9 a.m.

Congress opens with the Indian national anthem, everyone respectfully standing, then the opening speeches, and subsequently the cultural program: a characteristic exhibition of ritual-religious dance.

At noon finally Congress begins.

More delegates than the expected attended Congress, they come from 46 Countries, proxies included (I have one for Uruguay). Some have come after a long trip as the Cuban delegate that came here after three days and the Chilean one, still in trip because of an overbooking.

After some corrections, the draft of the Ostrava Congress Minutes were discussed and approved.

Then the Congress approves the application of two other countries to join ICCF: Indonesia and Tunisia.

Medals are awarded for Olympiads and other tournaments: mainly the World Champion GM Tunc Hamarat.

In the afternoon the participants were divided in three groups: Lu -Marina Tinjaca' (Rules); Gian-Maria Tani in the group that discusses the new proposed statute; and myself in Tournaments (discussions about new tournaments via Webserver and World Championship).

Discussions have been long and they are not concluded yet, so itís premature to talk about their details. Conclusions and concrete proposals will be brought to Congress Monday morning.

Best regards,

Gianni Mastrojeni


(Translation by Marco Caressa revised by Grayling Hill)