ICCF Congress




Monday and Tuesday were full days, in which the meetings finished around 6.30 p.m. These were followed by the working groups, which are trying to find solutions for the most controversial points: particularly, new entry fees for ICCF tournaments, new Statute, new tournaments structure.

Yesterday (Monday) discussions began with the ICCF Financial Plan for 2004 through 2006, that is strongly influenced by huge costs of ICCF Webserver's development.

Phase 1 has just concluded, perfectly according with the deadline established by the Ostrava Congress. Last June test tournaments began, and next January a great tournament will start the 1st Webserver Open (separate announcement in ICCF pages of http://www.asigc.it). Our President, Guido Bresadola, was appointed to the prestigious task of Central Tournament. The server, in short, is already active.

Phase 2 has been proposed, but it may be financed only with a generalized and heavy increase of entry fees for ICCF tournaments, essential funds to pay external programmers. The majority of Congress did not accept this proposal, and after long discussions a different guideline was decided:

a) During the next months a "short Phase 2" will be carried out only with essential and urgent matters. This includes anything necessary to allow play of the most important ICCF tournaments (and also some national ones), including team tournaments, via Webserver and, if possible, also rating procedures and the connected administrative job (organization, tournaments direction, etc).

b) This job will be carried out by a group of volunteers; among them our Luz Marina Tinjaca', who has already co-operated during Phase 1.

c) A minimum budget was approved (15,000 Swiss Francs), in order to contain the fees' increase.

Subsequently, all of the particular cases about international titles were discussed and voted on. Next, discussions about new fees, Statute, tournament's structure and Direct Entry were held. These were very controversial matters that require a plenary session and will be continued tonight.

Today (Tuesday) Congress awarded new Title-holders.

Then we talked about Marketing, an essential sector nowadays. The expert Med Samraoui was appointed as Marketing Director, he immediately introduces new ideas. Among them organization, shortly, of promotional tournaments taking advantage of the rapidity and functionality of new technologies: University and school tournaments played via Webserver.

Subsequently discussions came back to tournaments fees, various options were submitted, and, at the end, it was approved a little increase in "normal" tournaments, and higher increases in some "special" tournaments such as Champions League and Invitational.

It was also approved that each Federation may organize a free national tournament via ICCF Webserver.

At present that's all.

Gianni Mastrojeni


(Translation by Marco Caressa revised by Grayling Hill)