ICCF Congress


The Congress - Fourth Day

Last night the ICCF team won 13-4 vs. Indian team, in the OTB match.  On board 1 was ICCF World Champion, GM Tunc Hamarat. On board 4 was IM Pablo Salcedo the Cuban Delegate.  Pablo was the only winner in the simultaneous against Indian GM Pravin Thipsay, yesterday evening.

In the meantime a small group continued until 10:30 p.m. in a meeting about the new Statutes.   This morning they were submitted to Congress, discussed, then voted and approved.  

The new Statutes, as all the other congressional documents, will be published as soon as possible by ICCF.

Main points of the new Statutes are: 

Direct Entry is extended, where necessary and beneficial;

a) In countries where Federations haven’t an  organizational structure (or volunteers) to carry on the whole “bureaucratic” job necessary for entries and contact with the ICCF, all players will directly send each entry, whose cost will always be 50% higher than normal fees decided by ICCF.  

b) In countries where such organizational structure do exists nothing will be changed.  

Applications: according with the new Statute, CC Clubs may become members of ICCF if they have a good organization and statement of affairs.   Prerequisites will be discussed and approved by Congress.

Appeal Commissions: The ICCF now has three Appeals Commission with clear-cut tasks.

- AC (Playing Rules) dealing with all appeals related to “Playing Rules”. The Chairman is Ragnar Wikman, an official who is particularly experienced and efficient.

- AC (Other Rules) dealing with problems related to “Tournament Rules”, “Code of Conduct”, and everything outside “Playing Rules”.  The Chairman is George Pyrich.

- Arbitration Commission dealing him with complaints vs. Officials. The Chairman is GM (and judge) Richard Hall.

Appeals must directly be sent to Chairmen of these Commissions.  Appeals Rules will be published on ICCF site as soon as possible.  

After lunch another fundamental point will be discussed: “Rules”.

I will probably report tomorrow because the only “Internet point” here closes at 8:00 p.m.

Best regards.

Gianni Mastrojeni


(Translation by Marco Caressa revised by Grayling Hill)