ICCF Presidium, Pula, Yugoslavia

9th - 16th September 1984


The ICCF Presidium Meeting was held in the Hotel Brioni, Pula, from the 9th to the 16th September 1984, in conjunction with meeting of the Commissions.

The Meeting were organised by the Yugoslavian Federation.

A half-day excursion to Roviny was made by bus and boat.  The original idea of combining the opening Banquet with a boat trip on the Adriatic Sea and with mood music into the bargain was received by all with great enthusiasm.

The President Hans Werner von Massow (West Germany) took the chair.



The President of the Yugoslavian Chess Federation, Tome Drakulevski, and the President of the Yugoslavian Correspondence Chess Commission, Miloje Savic, warmly welcomed those taking part in the meetings.  President Drakulevski indicated that the game of chess is very popular in Yugoslavia.  In about a thousand chess clubs, there are 118.743 registered players, including 32 Grandmaster.  Both he and President Savic expressed appreciation of the correspondence chess work undertaken in Yugoslavia which has been a member of ICCF in 1950.  In 1930, the Slovac Chess Federation was founded and from this initiative a branch for correspondence chess in Yugoslavia was established 1932.  Both Presidents recalled how the European CC Championship in 1936/38 and that CC Grandmaster F. Brglez CC Championship title in 1970.  Both Presidents gratefully appreciated the work of CC Grandmaster F. brglez at national and International level.

ICCF President, Hans-Werner von Massow, expreased his thanks for hearty gretings and his apprecation of the Yugoslavian Federation's cooperation in ICCF.  He expreased his pleasure that CC Grandmaster Brglez belonged to the ICCF Praesidim by last years's Congress in Poznan.  He recalled that a Congress had already been leld in yugoslavia, and that was in Dubrovnik.   At this Congress, the European CC Team Championship and the Ladies World CC Championship with FIDE, both within the ICCF Praesidium and also with the national federations.  These discussion were concluded in 1968 at the Praesidium meeting in Lugano with an agreemen for cooperation between FIDE and ICCF, which was ratified in the following year by both world organisations and a valuable working relationship established.  In this connection, the ICCF President expreased gratitude especially to the FIDE President, Prof. Dr. Euwe and Dr. Olafsson, the long-serving FIDE General Secretary Frau Ineke Bakker, as well the present ICCF Liaison Officer, St. Kania, together with his predecessor Dip. Jur. Armin Heintze.  The ICCF President indicated how very happy he was that for more then two score years, the work in ICCF had been conducted in sincere friendship and he considered it was desirable that this should also be reflected in the rules.  At the appropriate point in the agenda, therefore, he would propose that the motto of the ICCF be: Amici Sumus.

The Report of the General Secretary

Gave a summary of the work since he took over the secretaryship. As a result of the correspondence undertaken, a new ICCF address list has been produced in the form of a booklet with the names and addresses of all functionnaries.  On a proposal by the General Secretary, the membership of Pakistan was newly confirmed. This had been asked for by that Federation.  To widen the membership of ICCF, a circular letter had been sent to 18 non-member Federations.  Unfortunately, this had not yet achieved the desired result and the endeavour will be continued in the following year.  In close cooperation with the Chairmen of the Commissions and the Federation Delegates, a proposal for awarding the Bertl von Massow Medals had been worked out.  Proposals for the awarding of titles and for reprinting the ICCF Statutes were passed on to the Qualifications Commission.  The question of a privately organised Association with about 200 members organising CC tournament on a world basis was refered for a decision to the item "External Matters".  Invitations from several Federations to hold ICCF meetings in following years were also dealt with.  Finally, the General Secretary expressed his pleasure that work with several ICCF contacts as well as with the National Federations continues to be carried out in the same ware friendly manner.


The first awarding of the Bertl von Massow Medals

The ICCF President indicated that this first awarding of those medals moved him deeply.  Once again from the heart, he thanked the ICCF for the unanimous agreement to the proposal from ICCF Vice-President Dr. Vandorffy at the 1983 Congress in poznan for the striking of the Bertl von Massow Medals.  "Through this medals", he said, "My dear wife will be present at meetings of the ICF year by year for all the future".  The ICCF General Secretary undertook the awarding of the medals in gold and silver for 15 years of service to ICCF, and in silver for 10 years.

The medals in Gold and Silver were awarted to the following CC friend: F. Atabek (TRK), K.H. Boese (BRD), J.F. Cleeve (CAN), P. Clément (BEL), P. Diaconescu (ROM), J. Eventov (USA), A. Giraudet (FRA), A. Heintze (DDR), A. Henriksen (DEN), A. Kiprov (BLG), A. Iqbal (PAK), E. Larsson (SVE), J. Leguen (MRT), R. Lindroos (FIN), A. Loeffler (ARG), B. Lukas (CSR), M. Madler (BRD), H-W. von Massow (BRD), P. Mastichiadis (GRE), H.J. Mostert (NLD), W. Muir (USA), G. Negyesi (HUN), J.L. Ormond (SWZ), H. Rittner (DDR), I. Romanov (URS), W. Rosinov (URS), D. Smit (NLD), E. Spitzenberger (AUT), W. Stilling (SWZ), J. Vandorffy (HUN), W. Zagorovsky (URS).

The medals in Silver were awarted to the following CC friend: L. Abramov (URS), G. Balbe (FRA), E.Denner (USA), F. Brglez (YUG), R. Charpentier (HUN), J. Cornu (SWZ), J. Daneyko (POL), C.G. Dieta (ARG), C.G. Fiandor (ESP), H. Furrer (SWZ), R. Gillman (ENG), R. Heemsoth (BRD), V. Houdek (CSR), R. Incelli (ITA), St. Jansson (SVE), S. Kania (POL), M. Kevicky (CSR), J.M. Ledesma Alvarez (CHI), A. Lejarza (MEX), E. Nuutilainen (FIN), M. Pakhdauman (IRN), G. Porreca (ITA), H. Rabold (DDR), J.J. Ravero (URU), H.M. Souza (PER), U. de Oliviera Barroso (URU), M.Z. Villegas (DDR), G. Weinitschke (DDR), R. Wikman (FIN), E. Winkler (DDR)..