ICCF Congress, Richmond, England

2 - 10  September 1989


The 1989 ICCF Congress in conjunction with meetings of the Presidium and the commissions took place in the Richmond Hill Hotel near London from 2nd to 10th September 1989.


The Congress was excellently arranged by the British Postal Chess Federation (BPCF) 

Participants of the Congress were offered an excursion to the Cotswolds and Windsor Castle. They also had the opportunity for a party visit Kew Gardens.  The BPCF arranged that during the whole week, G.F. Proechel was available to help to interpreter.

The President of the British Postal Chess Federation, P. Gibbs, bade the Congress participants welcome on behalf of his organisation.

The President H. Mostert (NED) took the chair.

In his opening speech the ICCF President tanked the British Postall Chess Federation for the Congress arrangements with special thanks to the BPCF Delegate, A. Gillman. 

The ICCF President announced that in July 1989, the ICCF Honorary Member Prof. J. Eventov had passed away at the age of 82.  He and all other CC friends who had passed away during the last year were honoured with a minute of silence.

On the basis of manifold correspondence, the ICCF President noted a growing interest in correspondence chess. In his opinion it is most important both for tne national federations as well as for the ICCF that this growing interest be encouraged and to attempt to bring all of the organisers and players together into true unity in a better fashion.  Strong national organisations further the cause of a strong ICCF which is in the interests of all correspondence chess players and supports all of our efforts to continue to realise the motto of the ICCF "We are Friends".




 The Report of the General Secretary

The Report of the General Secretary gave an overview of the work of the past year.  Hence he was able to report further good cooperation with member federations.  Also, an interesting correspondence often resulted from contact with individual members of national federations.  The Congress unanimously supported the recommendation of the Presidium to accept the federations of Hong Kong, and Tunisia as the 64th and 64th member nations.  A proposal from the General Secretary to accept Senegal as the 66th member nation was also unanimously adopted. The General Secretary expressed his pleasure that the relationship with FIDE had apparently been strengthened.  Consequently the 3rd Tele-Chess Olympiad is meanwhile being played.

The General Secretary was informed that the Board of Directors of the Argentinian correspondence chess organisation LADAC had been temporarily suspended by the Court. A new group (Circulo de Ajedrecistas Postales Argentinos - CAPA) is attempting to represent the interests of Argentinian players. The proposal of the General Secretary to deal with CAPA as LADAC's substitute during the temporary suspension until a definite decision has been reached by the Argentine court was unanimously accepted by the Congress.  It was further emphasised that until a decision was reached in this matter, only LADAC would be considered to be a member of ICCF with all the inherent rights and duties.  The proposal of the ICCF President - in case it was desired by all parties - to travel to Buenos Aires in order to undertake an attempt at mediation was unanimously welcomed by the Congress. 

The Award of Bertl von Massow Medals

The proposal of the General Secretary to award the Gold medal for more 15 years of meritorious service to H. Heemsoth (BRD) was unanimously accepted.  A Silver medal for more than 10 years of meritorious service was awarded to G. Perpirakis (GR). This proposal was unanimously accepted.