ICCF Congress, Perth, Scotland

3rd - 10th September 1994


The 1994 Congress, in conjunction with meetings of the Presidium and the Commissions, took place in the Isle of Skye Toby Hotel, Perth, from 3rd to 10th September 1994.

The Congress was arranged by the Scottish Correspondence Chess Association. Participants of the Congress were received by the Provost and Councillors of Perth & Kinross District Council.

There was also a Musical Evening. A sightseeing excursion in Highland Perthshire and a visit to Scotland's National Heather Garden in Perth were offered by the Scottish CCA to the participants and a nice Ladies' Programme was also arranged.

The President H.J.Mostert (NLD) took the chair.



Opening the meeting, the ICCF President asked for a moment of silence to commemorate all those who had passed away since the ICCF Congress 1993. He mentioned particularly Ing.A.G.Lascurain (ARG) and A.Loeffler (ARG).

After having thanked the Scottish CCA for the excellent arrangements for the meetings, the President stressed that the agenda for the 1994 meeting showed that ICCF was a living Federation which had its message for all chess players in a turbulent world. He challenged all participants and other member Federations to give even more publicity to realise the motto of ICCF: We are Friends.

The Report of the General Secretary

The Report of the General Secretary again showed that he had good co-operation with the members of the Presidium and the affiliated Federations and private individuals.  An application for ICCF Membership was received from the Federation of Monaco. The proposal to accept this Federation as a member of ICCF was accepted by the Congress unanimously.  The President welcomed the new Member and wished it fruitful work in both the national and international movement of correspondence chess. The General Secretary reported that he had continued his efforts with the federations which were members in FIDE for them also to become members in ICCF. Regrettably, this had not yet been successful.   In the meeting he was informed that member federations were trying to make contact with the Federations of Bermuda and China. He thanked the Federation of Qatar for its work in informing the Arabian countries (in their own language) about the work of ICCF.  The General Secretary thanked everyone who had worked with him in the right spirit of ICCF.


The Award of Bertl von Massow Medals

The yearly applications for this award showed that this distinction was highly appreciated. A Bertl von Massow medal in Gold was awarded to: G.M.Tani (ITA) for more than 15 years of meritorious work in the organisation of ICCF.

Silver medals for more 10 years of meritorious work in organisation of ICCF were awarded to I.Bottlik (HUN), I.Eglitis (LAT) and J.K.MacDonald (CAN)  The ICCF ICCF President presented the medals and thanked those awarded for their excellent work.